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The Sustainability and Philanthropy of BBB

The Sustainability and Philanthropy of BBB

On Saturday night we glamorously swapped our amazing swimwear for some stunning evening wear style to showcase for the Oceana Seachange Summer Gala event. As if putting on a elegant, jaw-droppingly beautiful Walter Mendez gown, having our hair and makeup perfectly designed by some of the best creative talent in the world, eating delicious sustainable food and spending the night mingling with some of the most inspiring people we have ever met isn’t enough — we’re doing it all for a good cause!

Oceana is the world’s largest Ocean Conservation group who’s mission is to protect and restore our beautiful Oceans. By the year 2050 there will be more plastic in our ocean than fish. Who wants to live in a world where the most beautiful of places and the most majestic of creatures are getting destroyed by humans?

It is our responsibility, as humans, to protect those who can’t protect themselves, dolphins, turtles, fish — all of our sea-life are dying as a result of our actions. We must stand up, we must be heard and we must do our bit to keep this world as beautiful as possible.

So please, join us. Choose a sustainable life, make conscious eco-friendly decisions. It is by our small everyday actions of using re-usable cups, using paper bags, avoiding one-use plastic and supporting sustainable brands that we, as ordinary people can make a huge impact.

Love BBB

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4 Spring-Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends to Watch Out For

4 Spring-Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends to Watch Out For

Spring has set in, and it is not long when the summer sun will be scorching hot on top of us. It’s the time for the ladies to ditch the boredom and set off for a tropical vacation or simply head down to the poolside for a fun and relaxation time.

While you are excited about the coming swim season, this is the time to reflect on your swimwear fashion and how you are going to create that oomph factor. Here are some top spring summer 2019 swimwear trends that are going to be the fashion-statement:

One-Piece Swimsuits
Girls love swimwear for the class and sexiness that these bring. And adding to the charm of these is the extended varieties that you are going to witness this season. From cut-outs to sleeves, prints to flattering body styles, deep V-necks, multiple texture patterns and so, there will be no dearth of choices for one-piece lovers.

Delusions One Piece

Underwire Bikini Tops
Underwire bikini style is another fashion statement that has resurfaced in the present times and is going to be a major choice for fashion lovers. You will find a wide variety of choices, so whatever way you feel the exposed underwire is going to accentuate your assets, you will definitely get one.

Leopard Mila Top

Every decade or in few years, the retro style does emerge back for any fashion type, and consequently the swimwear trend for this season is going to see some classic versions of 80’s and 90’s back in the business. If you were a fan of Baywatch and always wanted to carry the same style and fashion sense forward, this is going to be your year to make heads turn donning a throwback style, sexy swimsuit.

Print Style
Printed styles never go out of style, and this year too they are going to be seen big time. From animal printed to polka dots, paisley, stripes and more, the choice will be enormous. It is up to your style preference and combination preference to decide which one will go best to make you feel sensual and refreshing.

So, what style you are going with? Have you decided on one yet or not? Following these trends will help you decide pick the best one for the coming swimwear season.

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Our Secret Is Out

Our Secret Is Out

Salt By Hendrix Body Glow- Golden Hour Is one of our model's ''must-haves'' to keep ourselves radiating all day long. This stunning body oil is used on BBB babes at all of our photoshoots to enhance our models tan. Not only does this product give you a beautiful natural looking glow it's jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals to hydrate your skin!

Embrace the never-ending European summer (or the one we all fake on Instagram) and keep your tan going!

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Bottoms for days

Bottoms for days


Let’s get this straight from the outset… Big Booty, Little booty, Round booty. They are all fabulous!! And our sexy swimmers are here to enhance their natural look!

Rozanna Bottoms

If you want to get that booty in shape for summer we have a few of our favourite moves to help you out!

Tiffany Bottoms

Squat like nobody is watching (Nb: If you do it enough, soon, everyone will be watching)! There are a few different variations of the squat; Dumbbell, Sumo, Jump and Bulgarian. Just to name a few, but ultimately these will give you an incredible all over body work out if you do them correctly! Be sure to turn on your core girl!!

Lunges! Ermagahd, talk about burn. Again there are a few variations of lunges to suit from the beginner up to the pro so make sure your technique is on point and these will target the hard to get muscles (The really small ones, we didn’t even know we had)!

Deadlift. These bad boys will shape you faster than any other move! But make sure you are turning on your core and protecting your back! Add weights if you’re feeling a little bit fancy and want to see greater results!


Now, after enough squats, lunges and deadlifts, when you’re feeling fine and want to add some extra sass to that ass. Look no further than our beautiful eco-friendly swimmers. The sexy cuts will enhance your beautiful shape and have everyone saying…

O M G Becky! Look at her butt.

Teal Bottoms

Love BBB

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Why is Sustainable Swimwear Fabric Important?

Why is Sustainable Swimwear Fabric Important?

Girls love swimwear. It is not just their costume for a pool or beach relaxation and summer time pleasure, but also a fashion statement. At Botanical Beach Babes we only design swimwear fashions that won't affect our oceans and cause damage to our ecosystems. 

Why Swimwear Fabric is Important?
Whether it is just beach or poolside time with your friends, or if you are looking to participate in a swimsuit competition, the requirements of the buyer may vary but there is one common objective – to find something that provides comfort, best fit, stretch and durability. Our swimwear is designed to let you swim, surf, or just lounge poolside while providing you with comfortable fabric that absorbs very little water, can dry quickly and is fully conforming to the body as well as flexible.

Types of Swimwear Fabric
The earlier range of swimwear used to come in cotton or woollen fabric, but they were not quite good enough as stretchier, used to absorb water much and didn’t hold up to chlorine. The designers and manufacturers then looked at other befitting options and came up with – synthetic materials.

Advantages of Sustainable Swimwear Fabrics
There are multiple types of synthetic materials Swimwear are now manufactured and designed in which offers tremendous benefits:

  • Polyester – Ideally the most common swimwear fabric, it allows for extreme resistance to chlorine, provides full convenience and comfort and elasticity and is renowned for its durability, resists shrinkage and holds its shape effectively.
  • Nylon – an alternative to polyester, it provides high-end comfort and is very smooth in finish.
  • Lycra – One of the popular swimwear fabrics in today’s times, lycra provides advanced strength and durability and effectively moulds to the body shape which makes it a hit with the wearers for the added comfort and flexible wear. Lycra is most often found mixed with other fabric like polyester or cotton to provide enhanced advantage of both to the users.

These are the most common swimwear fabric materials and clearly defines why going the sustainable way is the best way for swimwear buyers when they are looking to buy something comfortable, water-friendly and durable. 

                                                Shop Now!


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Enter to Win the Zodiac Contest

Enter to Win the Zodiac Contest

Some incredible qualities of the Leo are - confidence (rock it girl!), positivity (you are what you think!), and gregariousness (what a mouthful, but hey why wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by your nearest and dearest).

Make the most of this phenomenon and embrace your extra Leo! Why not enter our latest competition?

The Winner will receive: A Swimwear design from our exclusive Zodiac Collection along with our Magic of Eye Planner and Notebook set.


How To Enter:

Sign Up for our Newsletter at

Like our Main Post that debuted 1-20-19 featuring the “Zodiac Collection” plus any other post you wish to show love on! 

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 5th, Lunar New Year

Good Day and Good Luck

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2019 Is The Summer of New Neon Designs From BBB


We are hitting the ground running in 2019 with some incredible things coming your way! To start the year off right and bright we are launching our stunning new Fluro styles just in time for the Australian Summer.


We love the environment just as much as we love looking on fleek! (Who said that sustainable, eco-friendly swimwear needed to be boring?) Covering babes from across the globe wearing size XS through to XL everyone can turn heads this summer!


Be sure to check out our latest collection and keep an eye out for all the incredible things happening at BBB! You wont be disappointed.

Make 2019 your year, like we plan to!

Love BBB xo

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is Tonight Sunday, Dec 2 at 10/9c

We are so excited to see all the glitz and glamour of this years annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show featuring Rita Ora and Bella Hadid. These two glam Queens are a hot topic on our lips here at BBB as we have Rita Ora featured in our “Khloe” swimwear design and Bella Hadid rocking our eco-wear style in the ‘‘Indie’’. Be sure to check out these super sleek, stylish swimwear pieces as they are limited-edition and will SELL OUT FAST ! Use the code: BellaVS and receive 15% off at checkout. xo Continue reading