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Bottoms for days

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Bottoms for days


Let’s get this straight from the outset… Big Booty, Little booty, Round booty. They are all fabulous!! And our sexy swimmers are here to enhance their natural look!

Rozanna Bottoms

If you want to get that booty in shape for summer we have a few of our favourite moves to help you out!

Tiffany Bottoms

Squat like nobody is watching (Nb: If you do it enough, soon, everyone will be watching)! There are a few different variations of the squat; Dumbbell, Sumo, Jump and Bulgarian. Just to name a few, but ultimately these will give you an incredible all over body work out if you do them correctly! Be sure to turn on your core girl!!

Lunges! Ermagahd, talk about burn. Again there are a few variations of lunges to suit from the beginner up to the pro so make sure your technique is on point and these will target the hard to get muscles (The really small ones, we didn’t even know we had)!

Deadlift. These bad boys will shape you faster than any other move! But make sure you are turning on your core and protecting your back! Add weights if you’re feeling a little bit fancy and want to see greater results!


Now, after enough squats, lunges and deadlifts, when you’re feeling fine and want to add some extra sass to that ass. Look no further than our beautiful eco-friendly swimmers. The sexy cuts will enhance your beautiful shape and have everyone saying…

O M G Becky! Look at her butt.

Teal Bottoms

Love BBB

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