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Why is Sustainable Swimwear Fabric Important?

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Why is Sustainable Swimwear Fabric Important?

Girls love swimwear. It is not just their costume for a pool or beach relaxation and summer time pleasure, but also a fashion statement. At Botanical Beach Babes we only design swimwear fashions that won't affect our oceans and cause damage to our ecosystems. 

Why Swimwear Fabric is Important?
Whether it is just beach or poolside time with your friends, or if you are looking to participate in a swimsuit competition, the requirements of the buyer may vary but there is one common objective – to find something that provides comfort, best fit, stretch and durability. Our swimwear is designed to let you swim, surf, or just lounge poolside while providing you with comfortable fabric that absorbs very little water, can dry quickly and is fully conforming to the body as well as flexible.

Types of Swimwear Fabric
The earlier range of swimwear used to come in cotton or woollen fabric, but they were not quite good enough as stretchier, used to absorb water much and didn’t hold up to chlorine. The designers and manufacturers then looked at other befitting options and came up with – synthetic materials.

Advantages of Sustainable Swimwear Fabrics
There are multiple types of synthetic materials Swimwear are now manufactured and designed in which offers tremendous benefits:

  • Polyester – Ideally the most common swimwear fabric, it allows for extreme resistance to chlorine, provides full convenience and comfort and elasticity and is renowned for its durability, resists shrinkage and holds its shape effectively.
  • Nylon – an alternative to polyester, it provides high-end comfort and is very smooth in finish.
  • Lycra – One of the popular swimwear fabrics in today’s times, lycra provides advanced strength and durability and effectively moulds to the body shape which makes it a hit with the wearers for the added comfort and flexible wear. Lycra is most often found mixed with other fabric like polyester or cotton to provide enhanced advantage of both to the users.

These are the most common swimwear fabric materials and clearly defines why going the sustainable way is the best way for swimwear buyers when they are looking to buy something comfortable, water-friendly and durable. 

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