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Sqorpios Swimwear X Botanical Beach Babes

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Sqorpios Swimwear X Botanical Beach Babes

Botanical Beach Babes was the first U.S. (North America) company to feature the exclusive sustainable Sqorpios swimwear line designed by Internet Icon and entrepreneur Chiara Bransi from Ibiza, Spain. Originally from Germany, Chiara Bransi is an international Top Swimwear & Fitness Model that has been published in major magazines and countless editorials.


@BotanicalBeachBabes Chiara’s long term career as a successful top model proves she can really do it all; You can catch this talented athlete surfing the ocean waves when the tides are high, to designing beautiful eco-friendly swimwear styles that compliment her aquatic lifestyle. Chiara Bransi is the coolest mermaid come to life and we are so extremely proud of the immense success the Ibiza, Spain inspired line has endured while being featured at Botanical Beach Babes LA here in the USA. 

@BotanicalBeachBabesBotanical Beach Babes is a hub that celebrates friendship, femininity, sustainable luxury, and philanthropy. We look forward to working with sustainably stylish professionals such as Chiara Bransi who actually care about the impact of our future planet and it’s preservation. It takes time to adapt to dramatic changes such as limiting your use of plastic when it’s everywhere around us in our daily lives but all you have to do is start small and think twice is our advice!

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