With offices and corporate teams in multiple countries, Botanical Beach Babes Worldwide is divided into three geographic regions:
The Americas, Europe, and United Arab Emirates.
All Countries feature products that are tailored according to each country’s unique culture and environment.
We produce sustainable apparel and plant-based product catalogs with our Global Brand Ambassadors that capitalize on consumer demands. Every season, Our Creative Directors and Brand Ambassadors select a series of Models for Swim Week to showcase our product collections. We invest in long-term contracts with our Top Models to create exclusive content and develop consistent, high quality campaigns from year to year. Committed to clean products that deliver results, our unique business opportunity promotes transparency, sustainability, healthy living and a positive mindset, while offering a competitive earnings plan with global team-building opportunities. 
How can I enter the Model Search?

Buy a bikini from our online showroom or in person at The SLS. Send us a clear image of you wearing your purchase and the original receipt to receive a call back time for our Model Search. You must be 21 years of age to enter.

Where is the Model Search located?

All castings for Botanical Beach Babes Miami Swim Week Model Search are conducted at The SLS South Beach.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

You must be 21 years of age to enter our Swim Week Model Search. Models will be selected based on experience, content, and their online audience.

Who will be at the Casting Call

Our team of Creative Directors and Brand Ambassadors.

When is the next Casting Call?

July 12-14, 2022

Brand Ambassador Application

Earn commissions promoting our exclusive catalogs.