About Oceana:

Oceana was established by a group of leading foundations — The Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisla Foundation (formerly Homeland Foundation), Sandler Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund — after a 1999 study they commissioned discovered that less than 0.5 percent of all resources spent by environmental nonprofit groups in the United States went to ocean advocacy.

No organization was working exclusively to protect and restore the oceans on a global scale. To fill the gap, our founders created Oceana: an international organization focused solely on oceans, dedicated to achieving measurable change by conducting specific, science-based policy campaigns with fixed deadlines and articulated goals.

The Ocean Law Project — also initiated by The Pew Charitable Trusts — was absorbed into Oceana in 2001 as Oceana’s legal arm. In 2002, Oceana merged with American Oceans Campaign, founded by actor and environmentalist Ted Danson, to more effectively address our common mission of protecting and restoring the world’s oceans.

Since its founding, Oceana has won more than 225 victories and protected nearly 4 million square miles of ocean. Find out more about how Oceana is helping to save the oceans victory by victory.

Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless/ Photo Courtesy of OceanaSeachange

Andy has led Oceana since 2003, under which Oceana grew into the largest international organization fully dedicated to protecting our oceans. Oceana has protected nearly 4 million square miles of ocean and won more than 225 significant policy victories to protect and restore  oceans around the world. 


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Oceana is the world’s largest Ocean Conservation group who’s mission is to protect and restore our beautiful Oceans. By the year 2050 there will be more plastic in our ocean than fish. Who wants to live in a world where the most beautiful of places and the most majestic of creatures are getting destroyed by humans?

Like past award-winning Oceana SeaChange parties, this magical evening included a world-class silent auction and cocktail reception, followed by a gourmet seated dinner and an exciting live performance. The night ended at the SeaChange Post-Party Lounge where over 400 guests partied and dance under the stars.Top Model Petra Semes Special Guest Top Model Petra Semes @OceanaSeaChangeThe Champagne Mermaid Wall At the 2019 OceanSeachange Gala In Laguna Beach, CA@OceanSeaChange Guests In Attendance for the Oceana Gala@OceanaSeaChange2019 Oceana SeaChange Gala Art Installation 

Many thanks to everyone who was involved in making this year’s Oceana Seachange Summer Party a massive success! Together we raised over $1.4 million to protect our oceans and fight the plague of ocean pollution. #BreakFreeFromPlastic

Get Involved:

It is our responsibility, as humans, to protect those who can’t protect themselves, dolphins, turtles, fish — all of our sea-life are dying as a result of our actions. We must stand up, we must be heard and we must do our part to keep this world as beautiful as possible, as it is our only hope for stability. You can showcase your support by simply following us online through social media and becoming more mindful of your purchasing practices. Sharing is caring and it is by our small everyday actions of using re-usable cups, paper bags, avoiding one-use plastic and supporting sustainable brands that we as an ordinary people can make a huge impact.


September 11, 2019 — Botanical Beach Babes LLC

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